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By Freek at 1:29 pm on Monday, May 22, 2006

Yes, this is the week when teachers grin from ear-to-ear. The tenth week of the term. =)

Yeah, school’s gonna be out for the first half of the year with 3 weeks of holidaying ahead of us(effectively 2 only since 1 will be used for lesson planning and stuff). Right now rushing thru the last bits of the workbook with the kids. I don’t know what others think but, I think the Units for the textbooks and workbooks are kinda a lot that everytime, I’ll have to skip rush thru it. I mean, practising for the exams is also critical and there’s no time for that if I had to go through each Unit. Sigh. But then again, maybe it’s just me. With Monday being over as off right now, have only 3 days left since Friday’s left for the Sports Carnival.

It’s going to be a wonderful weekend as well. My secondary friend’s getting married so, gonna go for her nikah on Saturday night with the rest of the Jebons. And on Sunday, it’s her big wedding at a C.C followed by trip to watch X-Men with Dy. I am of course excited as hell to watch it! Wolverine! Heh.

OooOoh! My bedroom furniture has been set-up and I’m a-liking it. Simple stuff, but hey, all that matters is that it brings out the desire to just sleep and…..*winks* Heh. There’s a dent though at the top of the wardrobe so me dad wants it fixed first before he makes any payments to the furniture shop. Till then, my stuff are still all over the place – in boxes, under the bed, strewn all over the floor.

Next week, it’ll still be working week for all the admin matters. Then on Wednesday and Thursday, staff retreat. Followed by a non-working Friday and the Saturday, I will be legally, though not traditionally, married. Heh.

Aight, off for a meeting. Adios!

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Comment by Suhaila

May 22, 2006 @ 7:15 pm

Can’t wait for this week to end too. But instead of 3 lovely weeks to enjoy, I’ll only have two. *grumpy grumpy* First two weeks kena go to school everysinglefuckenday. RARR!

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