*(almost) End of quarter year…*

By Freek at 6:27 pm on Monday, March 3, 2008

It’s weird now that I have?the picture of another man in my handphone besides Dy.

That MSK guy’s really reigning in all the attention.

Oh well..


Yeaps, it’s just 4 days more to go before the term break, though for me, I won’t really be?getting a week’s break since I have a 3-full day course to attend to and have to finish up for some event I’ll be in-charge of next term.?However, a?week from school to relax my mind and lay out my lessons for the next 2 terms, sounds really appetizing.

I’ve sorta decided to take the whole 3rd term off, but, yeah, have to discuss with a few important people first and also, if I DO carry that plan out, means I have just 1 term to do up 2 terms worth of worksheets and stuff. Fuiyo! I basically only have 8 weeks for the next term – or even less considering my due date is estimated at 9 months 3 weeks of pregnancy. I wonder how long I’ll last through the next term with my size and all, but, I think I can do it.

Had a bad cramp which felt like my stretched tummy was like being pinched. Happened during my?Younger Ones’?class.?Bad timing since I was playing a game with them.?Endured it. From?now on, pain is only going to get more and more so I might as well get used to it.

Anyhoos, I can’t really publish anything much about school these days considering some of my kids do hop on to my site. Tsk. Thought of sharing some really bizarre answers I got during the recent exams, but the kids who drop by have the habit of spreading whatever I type here, to their friends. Sheesh. So… ah well..


Baby A’s now 27-weeks inside of me.

1 more week till the 7th.

Dy has been reading prayers for Baby A. I, shall start reading a book now. (better late than never, I say)

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