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By Freek at 4:36 pm on Friday, October 5, 2007

Ramadhan will come to an end soon. Very soon. Too soon.

Just like this week. It came and went just like that.

Maybe because I spent 3 days at home. First day, lazed around for Children’s Day. And the last 2 days, wasn’t intentional, really. Took a trip down to the doc’s after which she advised me to stay at home. She said the best cure for ***** after ***** is R.E.S.T.

Of course, I was amazed at the generosity but I felt bad for the kids so I came down early on Tuesday to print work for them. To let their brains work when I’m not around, and also, to occupy the kids so tak menyusahkan cikgu yang meng-relief mereka.

Anyhows, came back yesterday and made a mistake of shouting a bit too loudly, causing me to have a neat tug on my below-abdomen area.? So today and days to come, my volume was and will be low – for as long as I can help it.

It is challenging for a teacher during the Ramadhan period. It is even more challenging for a ***** teacher during the Ramadhan period. Though it isn’t that big as yet, my ***** back in June somehow complicates things a bit. Need extra care somehow to make it stronger. Get the cramps every now and then. Hopefully, all goes well this time around. Everyone has been so nice and concerned – my F.I.L, me dad, me mum, Dy and some of the teachers in school.

As for kuih raya, I did 2 types on Tuesday. Sat down to doing suji. Thought I wanted to make a colourful flower version of it just like the one at my ex-neighbour’s. However, the plan backfired, so I ended up with round coloured balls which looks very weird. But hopefully, it didn’t compromise the taste. Cheydeybahh

And I did something impromptu as well. I remembered eating some apple-shaped cookie which had cloves (cengkih) as the stem back when I was a kid. That time though, at that particular person’s place, the cookie was really round, ad looked like a small cherry. But I couldn’t be bothered so I cut them with cookie cutters instead. In the end, I had small little tiny green apple-shaped cookies. Mum said it tasted not bad. Haha. Well, at least it adds to the variety of cookies served this year. Don’t have to buy from outside.

So, cookies left to do:

  1. ?Choc rice cookies
  2. M&M’s choc chip cookies
  3. Almond London
  4. Honey cornflakes
  5. Snowball Cornflakes (recipe from Tween-O.. serbu her houselah! Hers power! Ada jual kat Geylang, k? Cari kedai bapak dia.. hehe)

And if there are extra ingredients, I might just add kuih semprit or something. Hehe. 7-8 types and then buy kerepeks, nuts and stuff to add to the array, ok what. Nothing fancy, not too much. Ah well, will update pictures of cookies when I finally do them.

Aight, I wanna rest a bit, play a bit of game. Seems to have no time to rest at home. Exam papers to finish and all. Can’t sit too long.

On a random note, can’t wait to watch Resident Evil.? Yes, even in this condition. =)

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Comment by Suhaila

October 5, 2007 @ 7:20 pm

Hello, dah sakit-sakit pun masih on nak tengok kah? Chet.

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Comment by ain

October 5, 2007 @ 11:59 pm

klau nak tinggi suara kak i syor u to use a mic..hehehehe

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Comment by Tween-O

October 6, 2007 @ 2:53 am

tween…snowball takde pat kedai bapakku lah..yg ade cuma choc chip cookies n cornflakes madu…n buat punya buat, kuih utk rumah sendiri blom buat!

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