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By Freek at 9:16 pm on Thursday, May 22, 2008

I thought the previous entry was to be my last before popping. But I guess boredom just gets the better of me.

Anyhows, yesterday was a not-so-good day for me. It was almost like going back to my first few months of pregnancy. I started feeling nauseous around 4pm and, bleargh, puked 5 times till nightfall. All smells irritated me and I had to constantly down some syrup juice so that I didn’t have to spit every few minutes. Couldn’t get to sleep quickly after that. In fact, stayed up and looked at Dy sleeping so soundly. Very calming to see him in that state and I could get to sleep after a few minutes.

Alhamdullilah, everything’s fine today though I didn’t have much appetite. Only had a few pieces of bread in the noon plus beancurd/tau-hui in the morning. I guess Baby A doesn’t wanna grow any bigger and so has stopped the mum from eating. Hehe.

For those who still haven’t got a clue about Baby A’s gender, I’ll reveal it in the next entry, if I haven’t popped by thenlah.

As for the name, let’s just say if it’s a boy, he would be a Mohammad S______ plus a nickname which would not be included in the name but will be used every day and starts with the letter ‘A’. If it’s a girl, she would be a Nur S________ A_______. *lol*

Well, I’m actually here to pen down 2 thoughts.

Firstly, we need to really, really plan ahead. Knowing one’s self and the people around him/her will help one to see what the next course of action would be. And if people give good advice, it’s not enough just to see the light of what is being said. It’s more important to DO it. Even a million dollars can deplete in a day if one doesn’t plan carefully. What more if one spends it on assets that need (unnecessary) constant attention and maintenance, has a wife who is frigging lazy but very industrious in spending wealth or one doesn’t even have a job to at least replenish the wealth but has 2 maids and an endless flow of ‘relatives’ ‘visiting’ the home just to get 3 free meals a day. Some people will never learn. Some people will never remember times when they were poor. So, why bother?

Secondly, when I finally become a mother, I pray to God I won’t be like some people I know/have seen. For example, ladies who have a few small children in tow. I’m not saying all ladies in such a condition can’t manage. In fact, I’ve seen ladies who have a train of small kids who are perfectly in harmony and even having the ‘oldest’ being responsible for the younger ones. I’m just zooming in to one particular group where you have children who are still struggling to get affection and the you have another smaller ones that needs constant attention due to medical/physical conditions and then there’s one more bun in the oven. As a result, screams and shouts can be heard when frustration kicks in. Heck, sometimes even beatings.

Of course, I’m not there yet and so it’s just so easy to comment. But I pray hard that I won’t end up being such a mother and I pray that God always reminds me of all the hardship and bonding me & my unborn has to go through throughout the 9 months together. That God reminds me that my duty is to raise the child as he/she has been entrusted to me & Dy by Him. That God reminds me that He never said being a mother was easy.

So, I will try to further nurture something that I have had troubles with throughout my teens and early twenties – to be more patient.

Yes. Impossible as it may seem, Suhainis Binte Samsi will try to be more patient. For the sake of everyone around her. For him. And for h**. *lol*

Aight, adios.

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