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By Freek at 10:48 pm on Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Another busy week. This weekend will be crazy.

  • Turning from chirpy & funny in the classroom… into a?monster or evil stepmother to the ‘offenders’, and back to happy & entertaining?for the sake of?the ‘good’ kids, is extremely tiring. Especially when you have reminded them a gazillion times over. But some kids just test you. And, according to my patience level, enough IS enough.
  • Must build up stamina. After a while, I get breathless so easily. Doesn’t help that I’ve to go up 4 floors for some lessons.
  • It’s bad that I cannot go without?a proper meal?in the mornings. Eating bread can still make my stomach go haywire.?Being prone to?gastric is bad enough. Pregnancy only aggravates it. I love being pregnant though. Just not the gastric part. *sighs*
  • Baby A2 is moving lots and lots. Love the feeling. Very reassuring.
  • Couldn’t resist dancing with the kids despite the numerous reminders to be careful and not over-exert myself during ML Dance CCA. Some of the kids gawked and went,”Eh, cikgu, cikgu!”
  • Bought a few more dresses for Aaliya. *gasps* Can’t resistlah! Girl dresses are so EASY to find and so damn pretty. Doesn’t help that the contacts I have on Multiply sell some of the prettiest ones!
  • Just thinking about the exam papers I am to set for next week, is enough to drain my energy. I shall refrain from thinking about it till Sat.
  • Shall keep some of Aaliya’s stuff for her soon-to-be lil sibling. Some of it can be used, and some?will have to?be given away or discarded. Those she doesn’t wanna wear, thankfully, can be handed down to her soon-to-be Adik. Yeay~
  • 9 more days to payday and CNY hols!
  • Going to get some cloths this weekend to send to Batam. Gonna get Aaliya’s jubahs made there. Maybe can make something for the newcomer to our family as well. *beams*
  • When shall I start shopping for Baby A2?

On another happier note, I’m loving some of the things Aaliya does now. Like, putting her hands in prayer and?doing her du’a?”Psst, psst, psst, psst” when she sees a mosque or when she’s sitting for a meal, tapping on a picture of a yawning person/animal to ‘help it sleep’, telling us “Shhh!” when she sees something sleeping (though she’d run after a sleeping cat anytime), having her own ‘conversation’ complete with laughter/anger/pauses on the phone with no one, praying with her Ayah(and wearing her telekong when she has the mood) – she does the rukuk’, takbiratul ihram, and sujud(by lying face down on the floor completely) which, despite tickling us, makes me feel more blessed to see her be observant of things we do.

Sometimes I do feel helpless as a mother. Since she doesn’t really talk and mostly talks gibberish or points things to us and nods/shakes her head, when I can’t figure out what she is trying to ‘tell’ me and she ends up getting frustrated and cries, it really makes me angry with myself for not being more observant. But yeah, it’s a learning process of getting to know her different ways of expressing herself. And at the same time, I’m preparing for the onset of a new set of ‘ragam’ of the next child.

I love getting 3 big sloppy kisses from her before I go to work, irregardless if she’s still sleeping, with her eyes closed, she’ll give me, “Muah! Muah! Muah!”

And I love Dy, who has been my companion for the past 9 wonderful?years and husband for 4 years this coming June.

I don’t think I could have found a better man to spend my life with, than you, Baby.

With that, I’m going to bed now. Till next time.

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