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By Freek at 7:44 pm on Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Was kinda surprised when I logged in to type my entry. There were about 20-odd comments waiting to be moderated.

And the shocker was, all came from some frigging idiot was flooding it with weird name and email adresses like poker whatever crap. Ah well, technology makes people do crappy things anyways.

Speaking of technology, school using some new system which is making me so fed-up. The frigging thing gave problems and to make it even more frustrating, my Internet access in school has also been cut off. Bummer. Not like I surf a lot or whatever. I sorta like need the access for my powerpoint presentations. Sigh. Either I am not technology-friendly or technology ain’t friendly to me.

Feels kinda funny that things will only happen in 2 months time but me mum has insisted we get them ready a.s.a.p. As such, my room now looks crampier than ever. 2 big boxes of berkats, a big bag of 6 baskets and some other stuff. This Saturday will be shopping day for the rest of it. Nasib baik agar-agar, buah-buah dengan kuih boleh basi. Kalau tidak, tu pun dah siap agaknya.

And seapking of shopping, PP is out and woohoo! Every bit of money counts and I apologize if I keep on rattling about money all the time, folks. All these preps’ kinda draining. But of course, all of the work is worthwhile since it’s from our own drops of sweat.

Aight, am off. Stuff to do. Adios.

*67 days…….*

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Comment by Ms Azura

March 30, 2006 @ 12:26 am

Su! u getting married in 2mths times? wah sooo fast eh time past by us… so happy for u.. insya-Allah everything will go on smoothly for u!

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Comment by Suhaila

March 30, 2006 @ 12:55 am

Hey, I can help wrap up the berkats. I’m a mean wrapper. Arr arr! Hehehe.

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