*Being tagged….*

By Freek at 7:09 pm on Monday, April 9, 2007

A sweet little girl tagged me this so here goes…

Type down 6 WEIRD things about yourself.

  1. When I have the urge to ‘do some big investments’ in the toilet, I would scramble to find a book/newspaper to bring in. It doesn’t matter how urgent or whether the ‘thingy’ is at the edge of coming out, I would search for reading material until I find one. I find a need to do something – read or play game on my mobile – while I’m ‘doing my business’. Call it.. cari ilham. I also sometimes call it, “Input and Output”. (Did I gross you out on this one? heh)
  2. I love eating chendol – minus the green chendol thingy. Urgh!
  3. I can be a chirpy person online, but once you get me in real life, you find a shy-er me – that is, in the initial stagelah. Once I get the hang of you, God help you! *lol*
  4. No matter how hard I practice, I will always get stage-fright and blow it in front of a crowd. Don’t get me wrong though. Tell me to dance, sing in a group, I’ll do it well. But tell me to TALK ALONE in front, hohoho. Believe me, I’ve tried for 10 years already.
  5. I hate to jog. My Sec and JC teachers gave up hope on me. Never passed my 2.4km in my life… all because I find jogging so boring and so I give up easily and turn a run into a stroll. I find running around a track 6 times a tad too boring and the boredom makes it so tiring. Strangely though, when I run on a treadmill with music plugged in my ears or when I’m playing games like netball or captain’s ball for an hour, I can go on quite easily.
  6. And for the 6th, it has made me believe that I’m mildly OCD. When I lock the house door, I need to check the doorknob and gates twice before I leave the house. If I forgot to do that, I would go back to my house to do it even if I had to climb up 4 storeys again. Before I sleep, I open the door just to check the gate again. Before I leave for home, I check my main switches at my workstation twice before I have peace of mind to make my way home. Dy thinks I’m paranoid. But I think, when I do it that way, I’m more sure of myself. Oh, and yes, precisely why I often open my bag to check my things – forgetfulness gets the better of me sometimes.

Aight, that’s all. Heh. I won’t tag anyone though. Lucky you. Heh.

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Comment by Drubilee

April 10, 2007 @ 7:56 am

Right I am tagged too!! Hehehe…

So hey we have alot in common… I do have to bring a book, newspaper, magazine or something when I am off to the toilet…worse off, i read the newpspaper aloud because I’ve always wanted to be a newscaster, so i pretend that I am one whilst reading it.

And also the OCD thing….oh ed and me always gets all worried over stuff like that…whether we locked the gates, whether we switched off the iron etc… and sometimes we’ll be screaming “WHere’s the camera!?!?!” When it actually is just hanging on either of our wrists. *Smacks head*

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