By Freek at 9:28 pm on Monday, May 8, 2006

This space is getting more and more barren, it seems. Been extremely busy. And stressed out.

Well, being a teacher, the stress gets to me more than it does the kids I suppose. Ah well, it is the 8th week, 2 more weeks to the hols. And in the first week of that hols, am gonna have a staff retreat to NACLI.

Last wime I was there was in Secondary 3 with my fellow prefects. Had a leadership camp there with some other school leaders of other school. It was swell. Memorable I must say. So, yeah, am excited to revisit the place, this time with another group of people, of course. Wonder if it’s still the same as gosh, 10 years ago. *lol*

Aight, am off now. Dunno what I wanna do now save for prolly cogitate. Don’t wanna do any marking. Nice to know it’s Vesak Day week. Ex-neighbour getting married this Saturday, next Saturday my new bedroom furniture’s coming in, the Saturday after that will be another friend’s wedding and the one that comes after that, will be the day I will have my status changed.(legally though not traditionally, something of that sort)

24 days to go.

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