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By Freek at 1:24 pm on Sunday, October 1, 2006

I shall start with a gruesome note.

Someone committed suicide at the block behind mine in the wee of hours of yesterday. From the 7th floor corridor. At about 3+, my bro woke up when he heard some arguing. He went to pee, and suddenly heard a thud. And yeaps, he saw the body laying motionless on the ground and of course, the family members who ran down to mourn. My mum woke the rest of us up for sahur around 4+, at which the body was already covered by the po-lice tent. Mournings and more mournings as more family members arrived. We had our sahur.

Soon, it was time to carry the body off. Saw the body. From far.

And the freaky thing about it all, I almost bought a unit on the 4th floor of the block, which has a view of the deceased home. And f.y.i, it’ll be the same block where my wedding banquet will be held in. Now, that’s a trivia.


Aight, on a happier note. 

Today is Children’s Day.

But, of course, most schools have had their celebrations last Friday. Yes, the kids had many cavity-inducing sweets, colourful jellies, sinful amounts chocolates and very pari-pari crackers as tokens from their teachers.

As for me, I opted to give milk for my P1s. Well, thought that that’ll be good for them to bring home since some of them have miraculously, started fasting. To those, I’m so proud of them.

I’d bought some ice-cream for my M3s before fasting started and since it was only 4 of them, didn’t really burn a hole in my pocket.

As for my P4s, we have this money tin where every day, they get to put it whatever amount they felt like and we use the money for treats nearing the end of a term and so on. At first, I thought I’d put in whatever money I allocated for their prezzies into the tin. But then, tak sampai hati so I bought some chocolates – Kit-Kat and M&Ms – and distributed it to them. And as usual, being the only class I can chill out with, we just, chilled out on the floor doing crazy stuff and talking crap.

Didn’t forget the kids who gave me prezzies despite me not teaching them at all. Gave them chocs too. Ahaks. Ok, so if the kids grow fat, it’s all the teachers’ fault!

And as for the show the teachers put up, we had a twisted version of Hansel & Gretel. It wasn’t rehearsed so was mainly spontaneous. I slotted in as one of the extra aerobics dancers to help Hansel lose some weight! Barely a minute of appearance and seriously, it was all just wiggling around without proper steps. Haha.. I had to do what I do best. I mean, I can’t sing even if my life depended in it. And acting? Now, THAT’s scary… *shudders*

Aight, but Childrens’ Day not all about the kids. The treat for the teachers? Well, we get the Monday off! Ain’t that nice? Really, to all PRI SCH teachers, Happie Childrens’ Day! Woohoo!


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Comment by Suhaila

October 1, 2006 @ 6:44 pm

Oh my God, suicide? In Ramadhan some more. Tsk, that’s traumatic, even for an observer.

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