*First date..*

By Freek at 7:55 am on Tuesday, October 21, 2008

After sooo long, Dy & I finally had a date.

It has been difficult for us to spend a few hours just being how we used to be during the courtship years. For one, I always couldn’t bear tearing myself away from Aaliya and miss precious moments with her. And also, Dy has been busy with NIE assignments weighing him down.

But yesterday, we decided to have that date and it was, very, very nice.

And what did we end up doing?

Cutting and coloring our hair.

Yes. My waist-length hair has gone up to my bra-level and it is now dark brown with streaks of blond. *lol* My mum was not happy with it. She said it made me look like an old woman. But I know, she just doesn’t want my sisters to like it. Maklumlah, aku kan kakak. Nak kena show good example.

So, that was it. My first date with first baby, Dy. It’s a half-day today. Time to spend with my very huggable and bite-able Aaliya.

P/S: Kg Clan girls, will show you guys this Sat. *lol*

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Comment by Suhaila

October 21, 2008 @ 12:45 pm

Woohoo! Aku nak tengok! Kalau laki aku tak keluar rumah, korang semua masuk bilik aku and we tengok your rambut lah!

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