By Freek at 11:06 pm on Saturday, July 5, 2008

If I counted correctly, by tomorrow, my confinement period will be over. Hurrah!

I don’t really get all this ‘rules’ about confinement and everything. But out of respect for my parents and age-old tradition which I think doesn’t go against the religion, I merely followed along. It has been a long stretch of road, being barred from cold stuff and loads of things including going out too often. The worse has got to be having to down bottles of fish essence which tasted yuckier than yuck. If obat periuk is disgusting, fish essence?is no better. Trust me on that. *shivers*

As much as?being in confinement?been rather limiting/restricting, it has, I must say, been beneficial. For one, I lost a lot of weight. Although I prolly will never get my back-during-NIE-days kinda figure again, I’m glad I have not expanded beyond repair either and that I can at least see my waist back again now, albeit retaining a paunch. Hahaha… That thanks to how much restriction on food I was put through these past month. (I cheated and just couldn’t resist having a gulp of cold drinks on cold days. Which prolly explains the paunch. *sulks*)

With that said though, I do miss being pregnant. Though the first few months and last few days of it had been painful, I would gladly go through it all over again.

But I hope, the next time around, going through the routine all over again, would be easier cos’ I’ve seen too many women losing their shapes after having many babies. And with my side of the family having that history of females expanding after having kids, I hope to dodge?that by buidling on my will power.

When will Aaliya get a younger sibling?

Let me see… in 2 or?3 years? Heh.

Insya Allah. We can only plan, but ultimately, He decides.

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