By Freek at 10:01 pm on Sunday, April 9, 2006

Yesterday, the new wardrobe for my(our) room was booked.

Went to Nova and me mum decided that we get the whole set now instead of buying a decoy bed for June. So, yeah, all I did was pick a set I liked, saw to it that my mum second my choice and walla, my dad put in the deposit and the new set will be in my room in May, God willing. Poor Dy. Not only doesn’t he get to see the bed till D-day. He also doesn’t get to use it till…. heh..

Ah well, things are happening so fast. Not that time is fast, but the purchasing, booking and ordering of things. All the barang-barang have been bought, just waiting to be decorated. My berkats bought, just waiting for me aunt and Witt to wrap but before which I’d have to buy the wrapping papers first. Dates have been registered. Close friends have to been personally invited(which I prefer to do in person). And our small ‘outing’ have been confirmed. *smiles*

I have to pack my stuff into boxes to make way for the new furniture. Well, it may sound a bit kiasu to be doing the packing when the furniture ain’t coming till about a month on. But considering the hectic schedule and the apparent lack of breathing space on weekdays, I guess I’ll have to start bits and pieces as and when I can. Besides, my mum’ll be on my neck if I haven’t started as yet. Sigh….

Aight, gonna be off do a bit for school tomorrow. And good! It’ll be payday this Wednesday and also a Good Friday weekend this week. Hooray and hooray for those!

And yes, darling, I love you with all my heart.

*54 days……..*

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