*He passes….*

By Freek at 8:04 pm on Friday, July 3, 2009

I find it rather weird that I have not already blogged about M.J’s demise.

I mean, his music and his mtvs has been a part of my growing up. So many happy memories they bring when I reminisce about the times my then adolescent sisters would follow the movements from the videos – acting it up and singing along, watching the vids we recorded on VCRs and having it re-run at least an hour a day and the times I spent playing the M.J SEGA game which my brother got stuck on as a kid.

So, I found it weird that I didn’t get emotionally affected like I did when my fave croc documentor (hunter sounds like an evil kinda person) died years back. That news hit me like a storm even when I was a fan for a lesser period of time than I was of MJ.

Maybe, for some people like me or most, the news hasn’t really sunk in yet.

Or maybe, we choose not to let it.

For me, he’ll forever be in my memories.

For the fun I’ve had, growing up to his music.

MJ, rest in peace.


And I feel a flood a-coming.

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