By Freek at 11:43 pm on Saturday, January 7, 2006

I won’t talk about my week. It’s tiring just to recall about it. Sigh.

Sometimes, it’s not a good thing that my mum reads or watches a lot of news. She gets paranoid and starts reprimanding me for coming back late. She would whip out incidents of people who get bashed up by muggers or innocent victiims of gang clashes or girls who get raped or molested in public or things like that. She says she’s counting the days to my marriage so that she doesn’t have to worry about me and Dy coming home late anymore. She figures we would then just hang out at home more instead of meeting each other outside. Though 2230hrs’ not such a late timing to be back home, well, that’s how my mum can be. I’m not putting it against her. She’s just worried. Any mother would looking at such crimes constantly reported in the papers and stuff.

Well, it’s not only her. I’m counting the days as well. Heh. Hanging out at home more sounds like a perfectly ideal thing to do if I might say so myself. Heh.

Aight, am out.

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