By Freek at 12:44 pm on Thursday, May 15, 2008

Yes. I’ve received many a comments about how huge my tummy is. I know it is.

Heavy the eye see, more heavy the shoulder carry.

Well, it oughta be. I’m 38 weeks now. And if I take into account the new due date, I’d be bursting just about next Friday.

Or, just about any day now. (I’m aiming for a particular day next week. Let’s see if I hit it. *winks*)

Went to gynae again on Monday and get this, I lost almost a kilo since my last visit. Hehe. How’s that for a change? Oh doc, if you only knew how difficult it was for me to lay off the chocolates for the day. Heh. (right now munching on Toblerone… mm-mm..)

Even Baby A didn’t gain any weight. Weight remained at about 3.1kg. Heartbeat was good and gynae confirmed that Baby A’s engaged and in position. Jostles and shovings are becoming sharper and harder. I won’t call them kickings anymore since there’s no leg room for Baby A to move the legs back to kick. I can feel the hard knees nudging and feet scraping along my tummy. But all’s well. It actually gives me a sense of relief and comfort. All I have to do now, doc said, is work till I go into labour.

And how do I do that fast? According to her and also my 2 mums, I’d have to banyak jalan. Teaching makes me do that, of course, and also, I practically drag Dy around everyday to buy this and that. My mum told me to enjoy and eat all I want cos’ I’m not gonna get no luxury during confinement. And with that statement, I was reminded of the time after my miscarriage where I had to down the cups of uber-yucky ubat periuk. *shrugs*

Going into labour sounds very scary indeed. My back has started to ache, which of course is one sign it’s getting real. It’s the kind of ache you get after carrying a heavy load. Only thing, it doesn’t really go away. And also, I’m getting some funny, funny aches down below as well. If I guess correctly, I might even be feeling Baby A’s hair tickling me down there. Heh. I wonder if my cervix is already opened up a little. Well, in due time I guess.

The clothes and receiving blanket Baby A is going to wear when we go back from hospital, is already tucked nicely in the car. These days, I carry around this small pink bag KK gave me a few weeks back. I’ve my appointment booklet in there which has already been stamped since I’ve settled the hospital stay payment and all. I also have my camera in there! Hehe. For obvious reasons. All I need now, is to pack my going-home clothes into the car. Which I shall do now.

Aight, I’m going off now.

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Comment by Tween-O

May 16, 2008 @ 1:59 pm

mcm exciting gitu waiting 4 countdown…

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