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By Freek at 4:41 pm on Sunday, February 24, 2008

We went to Banquet for lunch yesterday.

Parked at the open-spaced carpark. Suddenly, something which I hoped would not happen, happened.

A long, green caterpillar fell on the windshield as we were getting ready to get out of the car. I caught sight of it moving and curving its body upwards as it moved along the glass and a terrible chill that ran all over my body. Dy told me to just move out of the car quickly but I just sat paralyzed at my seat and turned my body towards the backseat. I couldn’t move. And suddenly, I was crying and hugging my body and Dy’s voice telling me to get out of the car, was just a muffle in the background. Really, he was practically nagging me but it was oblivious to me.

I have always had a fear of those creatures. Only those creatures. Yes, I do love watching Discovery Channel or Animal Planet where they show creatures big and small – even bugs, centipedes and milipedes. But whenever they showed caterpillars or maggots, I would NEVER watch. I would turn away, brushing my body as if they were on MY body. But I guess, I only realized the extent of my fear at that very moment when the thing fell on the car. In a way, I was thankful I was IN a car. If it were to fall on ME, I would have screamed my head off and jumped around just to get rid of something so small. That would have been dangerous in my pregnant condition, aye?

When Dy finally brushed the thing off the windshield, I plucked up enough courage to run the opposite direction. Yes, run. Passers-by were prolly wondering why in the world this pregnant lady was crying in the middle of Bugis, but really, I couldn’t give a hoot of what they were thinking. The worst of my worries were over.

Needless to say, when we headed back to the car, I made Dy drive towards the exit while I waited there. I didn’t want to be near that area at all.

So, please, if you guys were to see any of those creatures, please direct me away from it. Or if it were to fall on me, help me brush it off without telling me about it. As much as I don’t like it, I think this feeling which started of just being afraid at first has just turned into a phobia.

Which means, I’m having difficulty talking about caterpillars for one of the chapters I have to teach. Even asked a colleague of mine to watch some of the resource video for me and tell me what it was about. Don’t think I’ll be using those resources after all.

And the irony of it all, my favourite toy which I have kept from my toddler years till today, is my orange caterpillar stuffed toy. *rolls eyes*


Dy & I finally watched “P/S: I love you” the other day. Dy had told me he wanted to watch it but only after reading Bedz’s comment about the movie, did I tell Dy that we could. (Basically, I knew that the delicious G.Butler was gonna be in the show so I didn’t want Dy to think that I wanted to watch the show because of that man. So I refused at first. =p)

It was a good show overall. I cried at various parts during the show. Maybe because I could relate to those parts. The dialogues were very everyday. Like, how sometimes we argue and argue but in the end, we realize how stupid the argument was and how foolish we felt realizing so much time had been wasted just being cross with each other. And life is so precious and short as we know it. Was a slap across me face. I left feeling more appreciative of Dy and our lives together.

And baby, I love your ***.


When I walked into the bathroom this morning, I was greeted by a pleasant surprise.

I couldn’t help but smile and blush.

Even now.

Can’t wait for you to come home.

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Comment by Ida

February 24, 2008 @ 10:08 pm

Now I noe why u couldn’t look at the caterpillars..glad i can help babe..:) see ya in sch…

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Comment by ain

February 25, 2008 @ 1:08 am

Aisey kak danger tu..
caterpillars hmm it bites ryte??
entah la for me insect mcm lipas,spider all gigit..

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