By Freek at 1:54 pm on Thursday, December 28, 2006

Lemme just take a few seconds to laugh my head off for not getting P1 & P2 class for 2007 although I have well-prepared myself by buying dozens of teaching stuff for those 2 levels namely posters, flashcards, coloring books.

Join me!

. . . . .

Ok, enuff. Although the 2 levels have been split, meaning, the chekgoos taking over those the P1 & 2 classes will only have half the class size, I’m not about to complain and try to fight for those 2 classes. I will miss my P1s who will be going on to P2, for sure. But I am more than happy with my timetable, too. Yeay!

Though I do not personally know the P3 kids since I’ve never taught them before(save for some), I’m going to be positive about it. They should still be manageable at that level. And so, yeaps, I’m gonna dig up whatever stuff I can and start planning my term ahead.

Ah.. what a good way to start off the term. =)

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Comment by Suhaila

December 29, 2006 @ 12:18 am

Oooh, P3 is a good level. They’re starting to be a little bit mature yet still retaining some cutesy-ness. At least, I hope they don’t make your blood shoot up to your head! My first P3s had that effect on me. Grrr.

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