*LooOOong break….*

By Freek at 11:23 am on Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Woah. Been ages since I last updated, almost forgot how to use the wordpress dashboard

Anyways, though I can’t wait to go to work school¬† once again, am actually panicking that the holidays are going to be over. Dang!

But yeah, going down to school later in the afternoon (when my sisters wake up), to pick up my books and organize some stuff. Gonna bring my work home since Dy has resumed work this week. So far, life living with Dy has been great. It’s like having, a personal computer on-site guy. But that also means, I get lectured when I do something wrong with any of the computers in this house. Erks. So, yes, I have finished my part of our honeymoon write-up which will soon be up for sharing with you guys. As for my wedding album, I still haven’t got it yet. Sigh.

Aight, no more idea what to write, so, off now. Out.

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