*Of dust…. and fizzle….*

By Freek at 2:53 pm on Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I am actually very worried about the condition of my face. The pimple breakouts left me with lots of scars on my face. I can be selfish and use our savings for a skin cleansing regime and refill my M.A.C make-up supplies but I’ve to save up for our Lil’ One. But then again, if I don’t do anything about my face, I’ll be selfish to Dy since he has to endure looking at this horrid, polka-dotted face every single day.


Since I was also getting a bit dusty from all the loafing around and not to mention how rusty my brain’s getting from the lack of mind-stimulating things to do, I decided to dust the room. Yes, I am right now waddling on a floor which is covered in about an inch of dust from dusting off the dresser, the tv, the fan, the wardrobe and not forgetting, Dy’s PC area. Don’t mind my exaggeration. Exaggerating makes the brain works quite a bit just by trying to come up with one.

I’ve transferred all stuff from the dull brown boxes to those stripey red boxes we purchased from IKEA and now the room looks well-organised. We’re looking around for a computer table so that the TV console we have can be removed since it’s taking up quite a bit of space. I’m in quite a fix about the layout of our small master bedroom and though we’ll be needing the space only 5 months from now, preparing never did anyone harm, did it? Besides, my mum told me to be active for the baby and exercise is always good since weight is slowly gaining on me.

Anyhows, all that’s left to be done, is to vacuum all this dust, and my work is done. But I’m sorry, Dy dearest, you’re still grounded from using the PC till the weekend.

There’s a lot of things I miss doing, actually. I miss going out with Dy and we cam-whore and then I PhotoImpact the pics to be used as blog layouts and stuff. We used to do that a lot. In fact, there a lot of things we used to do so frequently that I’m beginning to miss very much. Time has never been on our side these days. Like, we used to ____________ but these days, fatigue sets in and all I can do is just, forget about it.

Sometimes I wish for things to be like it was before. But it’s impossible and foolish to keep on pining for things to stay the way they are. For one, there are more responsibilities shouldered now so sacrifices have to be made.

Maybe all there is, is fear.

Fear that the ___________ would slowly….




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