*One of those days….*

By Freek at 3:24 pm on Wednesday, February 14, 2007

It’s one of those days I finish my working day, smiling. Lessons went on in a breeze. Everything was fine.

Just need to finish up my marking, and I’ll be done for the day. Just waiting for good news after Dy meets an important person in the evening and hopefully, we can get some shopping done, too.

Anyways, I’m of course excited that the house looks good enough to stay in now. My cousin and bro have been working their ass butt’s off painting my house these past few days. I don’t feel worried anymore that we won’t have any furniture. Well, we won’t be having any furniture until a long time, but yeah, I’m SO over that. I’ll decorate the house slowly and by my own means. No point harping on things I can’t settle, aye?

Today is V-day for most people. Well, for Dy and I, we never celebrate it, of course. For 6 years together, we have been going down to City Hall on V-day to look and laughsmile at men waiting patiently, holding bouquets or stalks of flowers for their valentines. Hehe. But, yeaps, this year, we don’t be doing that anymore. We’ll prolly go out shopping, or, just sit home for a cuppa. And, besides, we celebrate love, everyday anyways.

Aight, I’m off to mark me books. Take care, all.

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Comment by Drubilee

February 15, 2007 @ 9:23 am

Hehehe reading your blog makes me giggle. Similarity being i am in the midst of getting my home ready too…and i think there’s not going to be furniture for a long time coming either. Haha.

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