By Freek at 12:47 am on Wednesday, June 24, 2009

These days, eventhough it’s the hols, am very pressed for time.

Preparations for that **** thingy very the tedious.

Imagine spending ONLY 1/2hr for Sims3 or whatever time I have of my rest time at home which technically, isn’t enough, plus ironing plus tidying here and there plus playing with the lil girl before I succumb to sleep. TIRING! Preposterous.

Today, from being a teacher, I became a ‘postal worker’ and then a ‘postwoman’. Yes. A postwoman. Complete with the getting-barked-at-dogs and noise-in-the-home-but-nobody-bloody-opens-the-door kinda cliches.

Oh AMK. Start your lift-upgrading projects already.

So, I definitely needed some relaxation. Though it meant lesser time for my baby girl since I won’t be at home till Thurs due to staff retreat, (I”LL MISS HER! AND MY ORIGINAL BABY TOO..), it was too hard to resist. Managed to get the tix for Transformers 2 today @ CS. Though the sexual and sexy parts were irrelevant I thought, I guess they have to cater to the male hormones. As if the fight and comic scenes weren’t enough. *rolls eyes*

Cos’ I thought the fight, storyline and comic moments were fucking awesome. I’d pay to watch it again. Fucking awesome. And I shan’t strike that F-word cos’ it’s really fucking awesome. Spoiler ahead. And oh, cried when Optimus died. Just like I did for Gandalf & Kong. *lol*

Next up – Harry Potter. Though I’m tempted to watch The Ugly Truth for Mr-you-know-who, don’t think I can since movie prices are steep these days. Browsed through the schedules for 2009 movies and I don’t think I have any other movies anticipated for 2009 anymore.

Save for New-Moon, of course. Hurrah!

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Comment by Suhaila

June 25, 2009 @ 8:17 am

You mean you had to send the work by hand? The school didn’t give you all stamps?

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Comment by katak

June 26, 2009 @ 7:58 pm

lain sch, lain ragam..

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