*Pain in the leg….*

By Freek at 12:38 pm on Saturday, April 22, 2006

I am a 24 year old girl.

However yesterday, I danced for 3 hours with my kids as if I was a 2×4 year old girl.

I forgot that even if my spirits was that of a 2×4 year old, my body is that of a 24 years old one, and after 3 hours, my legs are absolutely killing me.


Yeah, CCA was supposed to be 2 hours, with me as an unlicenced choreographer and 2nd-in-charge and all. But since one of my kids was kinda not getting it, I got her to practise with me for 1 extra hour. The earnestness that I have can sometimes be the death of me, but I’m glad after 3 gruelling hours (with the older kids wanting a time-out after each 2 rounds of routine), they’re ready for July performance. Well, it’s nothing much actually, just some rolling, running and jumping about on the stage to the Asmaradana song. Wahahak… act terror plak aku amik lagu sepower-power gitu. Tapi, untuk budak-budak primary, lantaklah!

Speaking of July, some of my kids are into the JSP Idol finals. And I’ve promised to help them train for the finals. But I’m afraid of being biased so am thinking of training the other finalists as well. Haiz, will see how. Would love to do it though.

Now, I am going off from school. Family chalet in the evening. Woohoo!!

Lesson plans to do tomorrow. Boohoo!

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