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By Freek at 1:34 pm on Tuesday, June 20, 2006

It’s a frigging Tuesday, which means 6 days left before start of second semester.

Which in the end means, I’m still stuck with loads of things to mark. Yes, I have not started on marking and seriously, I’ll have to do that tomorrow and Thursday. Think I’ll have to close the department site first since I haven’t the time to upload anything yet. Sigh. Maybe shall just put up the NTUC trip pics first or something. And another thing, I haven’t even started choreographing the Hari Raya Dance. Ok, so Hari Raya is long way to go, but we’re talking about 2 hours a week kinda practice here. So, have to start real fast since we’re dealing with P2 kids here. *lol*

Am crossing my fingers that my kids practised they’re Asmaradana dance at home. Performance will be week after next. Currently, I’m contemplating whether to join them for the dance, or not. Hm…

Good news is, though, a good deal of my workload will be offset with the coming of Mr Sh. Yes, I’ve said this time and time again, but I can’t help feeling thrilled about it. I mean, from having to handle 80-odd students, I’ll only be handling about half that number. Fuiyo! That definitely reduces the number of stuff to mark. Yes! The number of books really put me off sometimes.

But, one thing I’m yet to know is whether I’m confirmed, or not. I don’t know whether the others have received their confirmation yet, but if they have, then.. =(

Well, we shall see. Shall not think about it.

On a lighter note, meeting the girls later today and yup, am looking forward to that.

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