By Freek at 5:02 pm on Friday, August 1, 2008

It feels weird to have menses again after like almost a year of absence. No wonder I’d been cranky these pass few days. Heh. Thank God though I did not get those cramps I used to get back then. Well, at least not for this cycle I guess. However, I’m hoping my menses from now on will be somewhat less painful than before. But then again, after going through a miscarriage, being pregnant and enduring labour and giving birth, menstrual cramps should be a breeze. *gulps*

I have the contraceptive pills I asked gynae for. I’d been contemplating on whether to really actually take them, weighing the pros and cons and all. And since Aaliya doesn’t wanna breastfeed no more, I’m prolly going to take them. So at least I can get my hormones in check and, stop lactating. Anyways, I wouldn’t wanna have another kid SO soon. Besides, I must let my s-i-l bask in attention of being pregnant. Aaliya’s gonna have a cousin early next year. Insya-Allah. Yeay~

Speaking of Aaliya, alhamdullilah, she’s getting much better. Hopefully, she’ll recover over the weekend. Dy & I made a blog for her where we’ll be putting up updates of her and also pics. Kinda like a storage and tracking place for us. So, hop on to http://aaliya.kapoosh.net anytime, aight? Leave a note there if you would like to be linked up. =D

Alrightey, the Lil’ One calls. 2 months old already. Time flies by so darn fast.

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