By Freek at 5:57 pm on Tuesday, January 10, 2006

What my PE HOD said yesterday brought me back to J.C days. Something about doing something wrong and writing an essay.

7 years ago, a horrible teacher said to about 8 of us – “I want you to write me an essay about ‘Why I must save water.'” Or something to that effect. Heh.

All because we had gone around the whole school (2nd level included), trying to chase our dear birthday girl with our water bombs. So, when we were found out, 3-4 of us scrambled and cramped into one toilet cubicle but of course, were discovered.

The MAHA-teacher gave us a lecturing. Well, she was afterall late with a meeting with her GOD son and so, blah blah blah. After giving us the assignment, she announced that she was a “Good G.P” teacher and would tell us to re-do the essay if it wasn’t good enough. Hoorah! Sheesh!

Oh yah! There was a particular part, which, I remembered one of us crying. *lol* Don’t worry, it ain’t me, definitely.

And yes, all of us stepped out of the office, laughing our heads off.

It was fun. We weren’t even confirmed as students of the school(it being the first 3 months JC experience) but we clashed big time with the school rules. And it wasn’t going to be our last. We had to write an appology to our dear Maths teacher some weeks later.

All of us just decided not to go for the class. However, we forgot to tell one of the bro in our class and he ended up sitting in class alone with the teacher. Silly me, I had left my bag in the class. What did I do? I went back to class, saw the 2 sitting there, told the teacher I would call the others, took my bag and left.


*shakes head* I didn’t realise that I could be that horrible.

Or…. maybe I did. *sly smile*

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Comment by Suhaila

January 10, 2006 @ 9:45 pm

Hahaha, I definitely remember that! 😀

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