By Freek at 7:17 am on Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Since I have never been?good with?stringing nice or poetic words together, I’ll just keep this entry light-hearted, even if it is about one of the important dates in the history of Dy & me.

It was just 7 years ago when we had our first date.

Though he hates it when I remind him, but he was?LATE for it. Heh. =p

It was a simple dinner at Bedok KFC. And everytime we past that place now, we’d point it out to each other the exact spot we sat to eat. (We took a 4-seater table, and we sat diagonally to each other instead of face-to-face. *lol*) And then I’d tease him of how he left me to take feeder bus 226 instead although he could take bus 228/66 with me to go home since we stayed at around the same area! =p

Anyhows, it was this event that we chose to commemorate our anniversary. 30th January 2001 – our first date. Although at that time, I didn’t really think that it would go on or even last, (bad past experience), it seems he already made up his mind. I think. Heh.

I made up my mind 3 months afterwards. *lol*

But yeah, I can’t thank God enough for putting Dy in my life. And I’m glad some things happened the way they did. Although some other things which happened along the way could have been avoided and have to be put right there in the past where it belongs, we learned and loved it each other more. It’s the good experiences which remind us why we are together and the bad experiences that make us realize how much we actually love each other.

Mohammad Shaifudin Bin Jamaludheen Maricar,?thank you for being mine.

I love you.?

Happy 7th, darling.?*hugz*?

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