*Short, short week….*

By Freek at 9:38 am on Sunday, February 3, 2008

I slept on the floor the whole night today.

This despite the protests from him followed by a 10-seconds tug-of-war. So, waited for him to snore away before I crept down. Put the comforter on the floor, arranged my pillows and dreamt away. I had my reasons. One of which was, it was much easier elevating my legs on the floor. On the bed, the bolster always ran away after 5 minutes. But I managed to get my legs elevated for the whole night by being on the floor yesterday. Which explains why my legs aren’t swollen this morning. I had a pair of ugly, swollen legs on Friday despite wearing socks(and elevating for 5 mins) the night before. Water retention, it seems. Ah well.

My mum says my body getting very big already, liao. Even my neighbour, who is mute by the way, signalled to me that my boobies were getting big. She “told” me via her hand signals that she had the same condition too when she was pregnant. Heh.

I definitely am getting bigger. I think I’m looking the way I was in TAF club back in JC.

Face is getting bloated. One colleague said I looked like I was due any moment and another said my nose’s getting bigger. And a lot of women are speculating and predicting that the baby’s a girl.

Well, in the words of Sarjen, “Mari kita tengok siapa yang kena!

But what’s important to me isn’t the gender – but seeing him/her alive and well in my arms when it finally pops into this world. Already found the nickname for his/her.

Baby A.

What A stands for, it’s for me and Dy to take note of for now. Heh.

1 more week to 6 months now, Little A. Jia you!


Today, all I need to do is plan for 2 days of lessons. Hurrah!

Can’t wait to meet the girls for lunch this Wednesday. A reunion lunch on eve of CNY. How apt. Double hurrah!


Witt & hubby treated Dy & I to a night out to, erm, Night Safari.

It was supposed to be a surprise for me, although I managed to get hints when Dy & Mr Witt blurted it out unintentionally. Heh. But, yeah, according to Mr & Mrs Witt, it was a treat for our 7th year anniv. Erm, aku celebrate 3 annivs, tau? Heh.

Anyhows, we were like a bunch of kids there, ooh-ing and wahh-ing at the animals. Since Dy & I have been looking for the giraffe for almost 4 years now, seeing it at the N.S was great. I freaked out at the tiger’s exhibit though. The tiger was pacing about and roaring, seemingly agitated. It was a big guy too and the glass looked too thin for comfort. Looking at the thing so close like that and hearing it rumble and roar so near made me realize how
dangerous that thing actually is. Watching from the television certainly didn’t do justice to seeing it up-close. In fact, when we were walking through the whole place afterwards, my goosebumps stood up everytime I heard the roar from afar. Of course, being paranoid, I had the vision of the tiger escaping like the one which happened in that American zoo some time back. But yah, I wouldn’t wanna f*** around with that animal, man. Too damn big and scary.

Thanks to Mr & Mrs Witt for the trip. It was well worth the walk even after a hard, long day’s work.


Sometimes I ask myself..

Am I asking for too much from all of this?

And that soothing little voice in my head will tell me..

Maybe I am.

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Comment by Tween-O

February 4, 2008 @ 1:51 am

comforter??..tipis tu…smlm kan sejok!….@ least pakai lah tilam…oh n hope u din get backache from de lack of support since u used comforter

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