By Freek at 3:39 pm on Thursday, February 28, 2008

I’m taking a moment to thank God for all the wonderful and not-so-wonderful things which has happened in my life thus far. I thank Him for letting me go through setbacks and hard times so that I can become more aware and appreciative of the things around me, so that I can become a better person. And I thank Him for bestowing me a wonderful life. A great extended family. Awesome friends. Good health. All praises be to Him. Amin.

Although I mentioned the good health part just a few lines ago, I did, however, go on m.c twice this week. On Monday, I went down to KK because of cramps and diarrhoea. They had me go the Delivery Suite area where they made me lie down for about an hour while they monitor Baby A’s heartbeat. It was kinda weird that all the other mums-to-be at the area had really big stomachs and were due soon and there I was with my 26weeks old tummy. However, it was therapeutic listening to the sound of my baby’s heart-beating and the occasional kickings, that I fell asleep for a while. And then yesterday, I had to rest at home because of a really bad headache. Tsk.

But yeah, truth be told, I am loving every minute/second of Baby A’s movement in me. Pardon me for being like, uber-excited but yeah, this is the first for me and it’s really thrilling to feel it. Now, if you stared hard at my tummy, and you’re lucky enough, you can even see my stomach move. Sure, it makes me tired at the end of the day. But nothing beats knowing that the little life in there is still alive and kicking. Of course I can’t wait for my next scan – in fact, I’m hoping the new gynae would schedule me one soon enough. It’s been like, 10-weeks since I saw my Lil’ One. =/ But then again, May doesn’t sound like it’s still far away either.

These past few days, I’ve been on the mood for shopping spree. Not for me. Not even for school. And although Dy is prolly relieved that I’ve stopped splurging on school stuff, I don’t think he’s thrilled that I’ve been bugging him about buying stuff for Baby A either. Hehe. But thank goodness, he has become more involved in the surveying and buying of the necessities for our first. So much so, the savings we had is almost gone and he told me, “You nanti beranak tepi jalan je sudah.” Hehe.. kwang assam punya laki.

I did a boo-boo by buying something without him the other day and he was so mad at me, he gave me the silent treatment the whole night. My bad. I guess I was uber-excited when I saw the thing that I couldn’t resist the urge to grab it. But yeah, I’ve realised my mistake and, with Dy’s salary in my hands now, *eyes sparkling*, poor Dy would have to listen to me plan out things we’ll be buying soon enough. I, on the other had, would have to resist buying anything without him. Being the one in-charge of ALL our cards and finances, is not a very easy thing to do. *winks*

Aight, am off to do some work. Toodles!


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