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By Freek at 11:33 am on Thursday, August 10, 2006

Spent a good 5 minutes clearing the SPAM comments left on this space. Frigging irritating when all that I see are shitty stuff about v_ _gra, cas_no, p_rn (fill in the blanks) and all that crap. And since this w_press is so frigging limiting to me in the first place, the inconvenience of having to manually delete the comments is a feature I’m using as an excuse to move back to D-land. Please, Dy??!!

Imagine 88 comments to go through, with 86 being SPAM and only 2 are from friends! What the…

Aight, am off to mark compositions. Really gonna savour the rest of the day. But then again, Saturday will come after a short day tomorrow and next week, it’s a 3-day week with p/s/l/e Oral and all. I’ll be down for oral invigilation. My first time. One for a school in Toa Payoh and one for a madrasah in central area.

I just hope I don’t burst out laughing at the kids like I did in the Prelims in my school.



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