*T.G.I.F Part deux….*

By Freek at 7:18 am on Friday, April 18, 2008

Of late, I’ve been salivating a lot (again). For those who might have remembered, back during my first few months of pregnancy, I was salivating excessively that I needed a bottle to spit into. Now I’m doing that again but?thankfullu, only?when I’m sleeping. It’s very frustrating that I wake up in the morning and find… erm…?wetness. Tsk. However, yesterday night was different. I spent the night reading my favouritest story to Baby A till my throat was all dry. And what do you know? I woke up today with no saliva! *lol*

Speaking of Baby A, I’ve uploaded my whole series of ultrasound pics in my multiply. Heh.


I’m actually very envious of my sis. She’s been on a baking frenzy trying out recipes and all. Even brought her friends home to do some baking session. It’s been SUCH a long time since ME, MYSELF & I did any baking. I wanted to do some baking last week, but after just thinking of the workload I have, I decided against it. I’m just waiting for an opportune moment to do so. Hmmm, I’ve got 3 months, haven’t I? Oh well.

Anyhows, TGIF! Despite it being a long day with ML dance and all, I’m thinking, well, it IS a Friday, afterall. Can’t wait to go out with Dy tomorrow. He’d been away to his school camp these past 2 days and so, there hasn’t been any bonding sessions. *sulks* But then again, him going to that camp sure brings about my P5 memories of going to Sarimbun camp back then.

And as soon as Saturday is over, I’ll be thinking about school again on Sunday, bogging myself with work. I’m really rushing for time here. Busy setting up revision work and being in a school where there are only 2 ML teachers, worksheets have to be done from scratch. Thankfully though, there are resources which I tweak here and there. But still. Tsk. Exams are around the corner and everything and I don’t want the kids to be left behind or anything so, I’m really scrambling to finish a lot of things so that even if I start acting up, at least there is work for them to do instead of idling around.

Aight, school’s almost starting now.?Adios, amigos.

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