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By Freek at 1:56 am on Sunday, February 1, 2009

Aiyaya… adada… amama… (repeat)

Typical conversation these days.

She’s found her voice.

We’re?loving it.

Will upload once I find the time to.

Dy hopes she won’t be Lil’ Miss Chatterbox like Mum.



January was all about number 8.

8 years with same man.

8-month old baby.

8’s lucky, they say.

I say yes, too.


This is for Ida. Very overdue, I know. But here goes.

100 Facts About Me

1.Full Name: Suhainis Binte Samsi
2.Nicknames: Anis, Su, Nis
3.Age: 27
4.Gender: Female.
5.Where do You Live: East-side Singapore
6.Relationship status: Married
7.Siblings: Bro(24), Sis(18), Sis(16)
8.Pets: NIL
9.Screen name: Freek, Freekyhead, Chekgoo

11.Hair Color: Dark brown with gold hi-lites
12.Hair length: Bra-level
13.Eye Color: Black.
14.Height: 1.56m
15.Piercings: Total of 2 on the ears
16.Tattoos: None
17.Shoe Size: 7
18.Jeans Size: Still a 2 digit number.. -.-
19.Make-Up: MAC Concealer, Foundation & Loose powder. Lip-gloss.
20.Dye Your Hair: See 11.

21.Food: Tempe masak kicap/sambal, nasi ayam, hor fun and whatever my mum/m.i.l/MYSELF cook.. *lol*
22.Drink: 100+, Ice-mountain
23.Color: Pink/Blue/White/Black
24.Store: Those which don?t burn holes in me pocket
25.Movie: Those with my fave men in them.. *lol*
26.Kind Of Alcohol: N.A
27.Ice Cream Flavor: Choc, raspberry ripple, coffee-ish
28.Book: Children?s books like Mr Men & Lil? Miss
29.Season: Sg has no particular season. But I?d love to experience winter.
30.Video Game: During Nintendo/Sega era, loved Mario/Circus Charlie. Now, I?m addicted to PC games like Warcraft & Sims

31.Smoked a cigarette: Never.
32.Done Any Drugs: Definitely no.
33.Gotton Drunk: See 26
34.Gone Skinny Dipping: That?s an idea
35.Bonged a beer: –
36.Had Sex: Hahaha? yes? got me a baby.. *lol*
37.Kissed Same Sex: Cheeks.
38.Done Anything Sexual With Same Sex: Urgh!
39.Eaten Sushi: Yes, I have but this sushi question is out of place compared to the others in this category. Sheesh.
40.Broken A Bone: Not really.

41.Like Your Handwriting: I don?t really mind, but could be better
42.Have Any Bad Habits: Of course but too many to tell
43.Hate Yourself: Used to
44.Shy: YES!
45.Tolerant Of Others: I try.
46.Aggressive Or Passive: Depends on situation
47.Have A Journal: Blogs, yeah?
48.Emotionally Strong: Dependant on situation
49.Read The News Paper: When I get the time to
50.Confident: On occasion. I have stage-fright which is, bad for a teacher

51.Is There A God: Yes. And His name is Allah.
52.Does He Have A Gender: –
53.Do Ghosts Exists: Believe so.
54.What About Witches: Yeah, followers of the fallen one
55.Miracles: Yeap, things happen God willing.
56.What Do You Think About Abortion: Cruel. Sad.
57.Premarital Sex: Scary.
58.Life On Other Planets: I would love to know.
59.Porn: Up to viewer discretion. Could be way outrageous and gross. But sometimes, educational. *lol*
60.Cosmetic Surgery: No comments

61.Sing Well: N-O-P-E. Can?t sing AT ALL!
62.Play An Instrument: Sigh. No.
63.Write Well: Not really. I try.
64.Skateboard: No.
65.Take A Shot Without A Chaser: You talking what?
66.Say the Alphabet Backwards: Whatever for?
67.Snow Board: I try first, can?
68.Juggle: I?m juggling career, motherhood and life. Does that count?
69.Do A Split: Ouch.
70.Draw: I try. *lol*

71.Plan On Marriage: Already am.
72.Kids: 1 more, perhaps?
73.And Their Names: Thinking of Alisya for girl or Aiman for boy. Subject to changes.
74.Occupation: Teacher, Wife, Mother & Daughter
75.Where You Want To Live: Where family is near
76.Big Or Small House: Cozy one.
77.Do You Want To Live Near People: Near and with people is good. I don?t plan on living among animals.
78.Long Driveway Or Short: Short
79.Income: Just enough
80.Cars: Sportage or anything of that sort

81.Walmart/Target: Giant,can? Heh.
82.Chocolate/Vanilla: Choc
83.Night/Day: Night
84.McDonalds/Burger King: BK, kinda sick of McD.
85.Cats/Dogs: Cats
86.Fruits/Veggies: Fruits
87.Pillows/Blankets: Blankets
88.Pepsi/Coke: Coke
89.Alcohol/Weed: –
90.Reading/Writing: Reading

91.Biggest Fear: Death of my loved ones
92.Compliment You Get Often: Usually from my kids ? ?Cantik?, ?Cool?. Haha. Kids say the darndest things.
93.What Would You Change About Yourself: Lack of patience & lack of confidence in public speaking
94.Regrets: I?ve a few. But can?t really turn back time, can we? Moving on?
95.Gotten Arrested: No. Don?t plan to.
96.Are You Ticklish: Yes. Won?t tell where.
97.Longest Relationship: 8 years with this now-husband of mine. Inclusive of 2.5 years of marriage.
98.How Much TV Do You Watch: Not enough for my liking. Sigh.
99.What color is your bedroom: Boring white.
100.Are you happy: Couldn?t ask for more.

Although there is no tag-to-others requirement, I would like for:



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