*The day before Monday….*

By Freek at 11:01 pm on Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Friday break had definitely come in handy.

Been a busy week of sorts trying to catch up on marking and stamping kids’ books to bring home for their parents to sign. Technically, I’d have to stamp them every month, but I reckon if I could do it once per term, I would be lucky.

And if everything pulls through, I’ll be able to get my tarian kids to a badly needed competition. I mean, by standards, I don’t think I can stand a chance of choreographing a good one, but you’re damn right I’m gonna to try my best to make my kids look good. My kids just lack the exposure to perform for an audience and I’m crossing my fingers that green light is given. It’ll be another load for me, but I’m searching desperately for opportunities for my kids to showcase themselves since yeah, we are not very outstanding compared to some other stuff in school. So there.

Am bugged by something real important as well. My confirmation. Weighing down on me but yeah, praying that I’ll pull through.

And right now, I’m burning a minus-one CD for my kid who’s having his Jing Shan Idol auditions tomorrow. 3 of my kids will be auditioning and, yeah, can’t wait to catch that tomorrow.

Aight, am off for now. Excited to meet the girls this coming weekend, hopefully.


48 days…..

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Comment by Karmila

April 21, 2006 @ 6:30 pm

hey suhainis! u probbly tak ingat or tak kenal me langsong, hehe. ni karmila from NIE Townsville. Sajer nak drop by n say hi coz my niece n nephew, Irsalina and Amirul Rasyid asik sebut2 jer Cikgu Suhainis, sungguh fofular gitu ;D n o ya, Irsalina is also participating in dat Jing Shan Idol thingy, semangat giler. I tot of asking u wer to get minus ones but i manage to get oredy. Aniwaez, i wish u all de best in ur career n selamat maju jaya! 🙂

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