*The night after Backstreet…*

By Freek at 10:22 pm on Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Here I am, sitting and typing this, remembering that yesterday at this exact time, I was in the Indoor Stadium, grooving and screaming to the crooning of the Backstreet Boys.

Well, here we were at the playground outside the stadium while waiting for the show to start – Kak Mun, Poji and yours truly.

Seriously, I was nervous when the lights were off-ed. My heart was racing and my head went,”God, this isn’t happening! This isn’t happening!” I was frigging attending the concert of my one and only favourite boyband! It was crazy. And when the boys came out, naturally, I was hysterically screaming my head off. So did the other girls. Duh! Heh. My seat was kinda back though but that didn’t stop the picture-taking frenzy.

And here’s my favourite BSB….

Sigh… it was like a dream come true. Like as if I was that 13 year-old back then when the band first started being a craze here, felt surreal to hear this man sing live. In fact, ALL the boys sang real well. Their voices were strong and yes, true to their grown-up image, there were no fancy costumes or boyish dance steps. All was purrrrr-fect. I was on my feet most the time. I was dancing, jumping and waving my arms. I was screaming and singing. Especially when their old songs were sung – I’ll never break your heart, I’ll be the One, Larger than Life, The Call, Quit Playing Games. And with all these, I was surprised that today, I didn’t feel tired or sore in the throat.

And after 2 hours ending off with “Incomplete”, the show ended. 2 hours is long but it FELT short. Didn’t want it to end, naturally. But after they came out again to “Backstreet’s Back” and with a group bow and all, it felt all worth it. My money was well spent. But most importantly, memories were relived and I’m proud to be still supporting the boys.

After the show, girls were hysterically running to see the boys get on their van. At first, Kak Mun, Poji and I weren’t up to it but when the girls started running and screaming, we got our adrenaline pumped and followed suit. I did get a snap of B-Rok’s face in the midst of my desperation to get a glimpse of them. That shall be shared between me and Kak Mun. Heh.

It’s just the start. My craze has just been rekindled and it’s not gonna stop anytime soon.

I’m a happy woman this week. And with Monday being I and Dy’s 5th year, life cannot get any better than this.

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Comment by widz

January 27, 2006 @ 10:18 am

hehe. savouring your bliss eh? enjoy banget. miss their old songs too~ those were de days~

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