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By Freek at 5:26 pm on Thursday, July 5, 2007

I loathe Thursdays.

And today, is a Thursday I hate the most. Somehow, Thursdays are just shittier.

School was tough today. The stuff I prepared for the school’s Anti-Drug activities are covering the whole of my table. There are loads to finish. And later, I’ll get to know from Dy about what I’ve been bitched about by a certain individual. The last one, I’ve anticipated. How big it is going to be blown up into, will remain to be heard. Funny though that it is almost 3 weeks from the incident and only now it’s brought up.

Earlier in the morning, I was just thinking about an issue my mum shared with me about. You know how Malays like to have family gatherings even during hospital visits. Whilst visiting a terminally-ill aunt, a few of my “closer” aunts were apparently enquirying about my recent fall-out-of-pregnancy experience. How they got to know was quite obvious. One of my cousins married a nurse who coincidentally was my Pri school junior and she works at KK where I was admitted the other time. So, this aunt of mine, somewhat compared her daughter-in-law and me.

She said something like at least I got pregnant. She says her daughter-in-law isn’t even pregnant despite her apparently growing body-size. True or not, I don’t really care but what the hoot? Can’t they give us a break? All these little discussions, do bite in the ass most times. I mean, you can’t expect us to get married and *poof* conceive inmmediately like they did back in their days, what? My mum, well, I’m glad she doesn’t really have that backward mindset some other makciks may have. Besides, people have their own set of plans and goals. Me and Dy, we didn’t plan on a baby, we just let it happen. It didn’t work out, it was a sad but enlightening experience for us. From here, I’m letting nature take its course. If there’s any urgency for me to have a child, it would be solely my decision & Dy’s. And not persistent chatters by some chatterboxes. I hate being compared.

I do worry about the whole process I’ve been through. Sometimes my stomach and womb area feels like they’re being squeezed and I’d have to sit on the chair while teaching, which I absolutely hate doing. I even have to waddle like a penguin to tolerate the pain and yes, I still have that unsightly bulge in that area. Which also brings me to how depressed I got today. One of my kids said my stomach is getting bigger. And as much as I didn’t want to, I almost lost it. Actually, it was the second time my miscarriage was being brought up in one day. So I took a breather to calm myself and forget about it.  I mean, I was fine when I wore my girdle to school the whole of yesterday. No pain, everything flat. But girdles are most inconvenient when you’re trying to do little urgent wee-wees.

So, yah. I hope all things come out fine at the end of this. Pray I get my menses soon, pray I can conceive again, pray that it’ll be successful this time around. If not, then I’l start all over again.

And for those makciks out there who are taking a liking to comparing newly-married couples, please stop that nasty habit. If you can’t help give wonderful advice on making marriages work or how to have a wonderful pregnancy, don’t ever try to speculate why this couple has a child first eventhough they marry later than another couple. Or how come this couple are not conceiving yet despite 5 years of marriage or so. That’s just nasty. And it might just land you in Hell if it causes grief to the people involved.There’s more to life than baby making. And there’s more to baby-making than just sex.


On a lighter note, a big congrats to a dear, dear friend of mine, Nur Amlia, who just gave birth to a healthy baby boy this afternoon. Yeay!!

And yeah.. yesterday’s Documentary on Central was superb. About animals mating and all.

Can’t wait to start mating again. *lol* 

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Comment by ain

July 6, 2007 @ 11:02 pm

kakak ku,
makcik2 tu mcm nk pendek kn umur diorg je by messing with u..heee..

biaser ah kak me pun kene jugak,diorg potek ah agaknyer nk beza2 although i mcm ni..*sighss*

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