By Freek at 2:09 pm on Saturday, December 2, 2006

Right. What in the world am I doing updating and going online?

Well, if you’ve stayed home for 6 days straight, you’ll know what I mean. Almost forgot how my neighbourhood looked like.

Anyways, so, this morning, after lack of sleep (since I had to keep watching that my hands didn’t hit anything with the inai and all patched on it from 9pm yesterday), I rose up early and headed downstairs to take a peek of my reception area.

True to my Indon origins.. ehem.. it looked just as MY MUM envisioned it to be. I’m aliking it too. It’s simple and not lavish. Just perfect for simple people like me. Heh. And these are the colours you can see.

Aight, I’m off. Gonna play a bit of games. And then another round of….. lazing around. Bleargh!

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Comment by katak

December 2, 2006 @ 4:46 pm

Heheh. I also kaypoh.

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