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By Freek at 12:57 am on Saturday, November 1, 2008

This will be a super-long entry since I haven’t updated for quite a while. Mostly pictures though.

The Lil’ One has finally slumbered. It’s easier to make her sleep these days. I just roll her to one side, let her hug her bolster and within minutes, she’ll doze off. Her daddy’s sleeping beside her. Poor man, having diarrhoea.

Anyhows, it has been hectic these past 2 weeks. Exams, marking exams, keying in of marks. Thank God all’s done. Now I’m left to think about the year-end concert. Somehow I’ve been put to handle the stage decor. Which is a huuUUuuge thing for me. And I’ve been super-kanchiong about it since it’s a scary responsibility to hold eventhough I’m quite alright with it. So, I’m actually shagged to the max and even now, my (eye)pupils keep moving to the middle and almost meeting one another. Damn tired. Won’t be surprised if I find myself on my keyboard in the morn. *yawnz*

As for Aaliya, I’m actually quite disturbed by some comments from?ignorant individuals. One thing I’ve never liked is when people start comparing kids. Comparing your own kids is a bad idea. Comparing yours and others, is just horrible. Ok, sure, so at 5 months, Aaliya doesn’t roll over that much. When she does roll over, sometimes she doesn’t really succeed since she still hasn’t figured out how to move her hand so she doesn’t get stuck halfway. Sure, Aaliya doesn’t crawl as yet too. But I’m grateful to God that my baby is healthy and she’s active in her own way. She can hold her head up, she reaches for things and grabs them. As long as she’s feeding well, not down with anything, I’m contented. Besides, I was slow too when I was a baby but alhamdullilah I’m alright now, aren’t I? So, sheesh, shut the trap will, ya? Geez.

So, on to happier thoughts, some updates.

I’ve started Aaliya on Nestum. A lil’ diluted just to get her started. Will start her proper when she hits 6 months. Till then, whenever she gets the bottle, she guards it like you cannot imagine. (this’ her plain water bottle. Obviously, her milk bottle cannot be soOOooo tiny, aye?) Hair looks like those toy trolls a long time back?which had hair that stood up in bright, bright colours. Heh.

Last weekend, Dy & I attended 2 weddings. First was my cousin’s. Managed to see Aaliya’s cousin who was born?about 1 month after Aaliya – Mohamad Amshar.

And then to Dy’s buddy’s wedding where I attempted to help make the bunga for the guy’s samping. *shakes head* I shall not elaborate.

On Deepavali, Dy turned 28. A few days prior to it, I had to wake up in the middle of the night to make those jerseys-on-toothpicks thingy. It’s hard to make surprises when we barely leave each other. Heh. And since I can’t bake for nuts, I got Tween to make the cupcakes while I.. erm.. supervised the colours and design.

I can’t say how much I love the man. I’m blessed.


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Comment by Ain

November 1, 2008 @ 3:28 pm

ok firstly i hated too when comparing is made,i mean no one in this world is perfect and diff ppl have diff uniqueness..klau smua sama than life is a bore.Poor Aaliyah da di-compare kan.grrrr.kak ni nak kene ajar her how to gigit ppl so when org2 mcm ni jumpa her then she’s all prepared.heh.

2ndly happy belated to abg.

3rdly kan aaliyah betul2 mcm baby dolls tu eh hehehe.
lastly lil princess is breath taking in that gown.

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Comment by Alatariel

November 2, 2008 @ 8:06 pm

Comparisons are so annoying, aren’t they? I am hearing no ends abt it too..*sigh*

Nevertheless, only we who know wat is best for our girls..As long as they are healthy and happy, we are happy too.. :))

I second Ain’s comment..Aaliya is sooooo adorable!! :*

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Comment by Suzy

November 4, 2008 @ 2:56 pm

Hi, I am a mother to a 3-yr old girl. Don’t bother when ppl start comparing your child to theirs or anyone. Ppl loves asking this ques, “dia dah pandai ape sekarang?”. Usually hubby and I will answer “biasa la, budak2”. It is not fair to compare as every child develops differently. My daughter did not crawl, she suddenly get up and started to walk. Basically she skipped that crawling part, but alhamdulillah she is a happy child and no difference from her classmates. Let the kids develop on their own. Ni semua manusia kepoh cuma nak compare konon2 anak dia pandai.

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Comment by Freek

November 5, 2008 @ 9:56 am

Heh. Thanks peeps.

I have decided, kalau orang tanya lagi “Dah pandai apa?” I will say dia dah pandai baca suratkhabar, drive kereta and skydiving. Wakakaka…

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