By Freek at 12:06 pm on Thursday, October 5, 2006

The first time I ever lost my voice was yesterday.

I’d been having the sore throat since Sunday. Skipped Monday for school holiday and on Tuesday, used my big voice, terribly often. Coughed and coughed. Me being me, I got too passionate at rehearsal and forced myself to sing with the kids. And even screamed at some for misbehaving.

So, as the time passed, a fever brewed and by the time I got home, I had fever, cough, phlegm and a runny nose.

When I woke up yesterday morning for sahur, I totally lost it. I could only speak in almost just a whisper and even when I tried to talk normally, a listener would hear me talk in a deep-voice, afterwhich, I would cough. Prolly due to puasa and all – lack of water in throat – and prolly even because of the haze.

(I almost believed that Dy’s complaints that I “nag” all the time, had become a wish..  =p but I’m sure he didn’t mean for me to be sick this way, aye? )

So, went down to doc’s. Got me covered for 2 days. Felt bad cos my kids will be running all over the place. But, well, I must get my voice back before the screaming starts again, shouldn’t I?

In any case, I’m feeling better.

And for those of you reading this who might wanna drop by my wedding this December, please email me your home addresses.

Kg Clan girls need not reply here. I will personally issue the cards to you when we meet up.  =p

And those whom Dy will invite, give your addresses to him, aight?

Aight, time to… hmm…


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