By Freek at 10:27 am on Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Right now, I’m sitting in the Staff Room, waiting to meet my R.O in 10 minutes time.

Had almost forgotten how messy my workstation looks like. So, right now, with the room feeling like a sauna(aircon off-ed), I obviously can’t mark any books. Shall be lugging home some unmarked papers to do at home. The books shall be dealt with next week or later this week. Speaking of which, it’s such a bummer that next week’s the last week of school!

I am currently awaiting for the new semester timetable to be out. Well, with Mr Sh coming back (which I am glad that he is),  there’ll be a shuffle. Can’t do much till then.

Sigh.. good thing Dy’s having his leave tomorrow. A day out! Yeay!

Aight, am off. 10 minutes’ up.

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