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By Freek at 1:47 pm on Wednesday, May 21, 2008

… P-A-N-A-S.

Come on. Scream it with me now.


It has been so frigging hot especially these past few days. Even?showering before?going to bed,?putting the fan right beside me and taking off my nightie didn’t really help. Wake up every now and then, sweating like crazy. And it didn’t do much good that I had to wake up every few hours too due to the constant salivating my mouth has been doing. Yes. The excessive saliva problem is back and I sleep with a towel on top of my pillow every night now – again. (Trackback: Had this problem back when I was 2-5 months pregnant)

I wake up in the wee hours the night with a mouthful of saliva (some of which has already streaked to my cheeks and/or back) to go off to the toilet to gargle it off. It’s been 4 months since I had to do such a thing. It’s frigging irritating. But then again, it’s prolly Baby A’s way of getting me used to waking up in the middle of the night so that when he/she finally comes out, I won’t have a?problem waking up?to feed him/her. Practiselah. Nanti malam-malam pun kena bangun nak kasi kita susu.

Anyhows, the?’gateway’ has started to open, albeit only 1 cm. Which is kinda a scary thought. I’m prepping myself for when the real pain sets in. I mean, of course, these past few days, I’ve been feeling a lot of things. Constipation, diarrhoea, gastric, nausea, uncomfie at you-know-where. Which, is precisely why doc has granted me the week off.?

But I know those are just?merely tiny shards?compared to?when real labour kicks in. Doc said the due date will still be 30th but the people around me are telling me otherwise. So, right now, I’m bracing myself for it. Me mum and aunt said that once that pintu has already opened, it’s basically any time. They were quite baffled when I told them that doc said pintu rahim open 1cm but baby should be ready only next week or early next month. Maklumlah doc takde anak tapi senior-senior aku tu semua dah 4 anak dah. Heh.

So, I’m guessing, this is prolly my last entry before that happens. So, should that be the case, I’d prolly be updating pics on my multiply cos’ somehow, I can’t upload any pics on this blog for the moment.


It tickles me to see how tiny the tops/shorts/rompers/jumpers are everytime I shop for Baby A’s clothing. I can never stop giggling and my sisters will never stop squealing at the sight of them. I’ve bought yellow, white, blue, pink and?orange clothings. I’m yet to find some green, purple and red?ones. I don’t suppose they sell any black ones for newborns, aye? Baru brutal anak?aku.

Baby darling, let’s shop some more for our little baby, can? Before he/she finally pops out? Can?

I think he’ll kill me. *lol*


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