X’Mas eve…

By Freek at 12:06 am on Sunday, December 25, 2005

Firstly, before I blabber off, a shout-out to Declone – Congratulations on your engagement tomorrow, Bro!


It’s like nearly midnite but here I am, blogging while eating mee soto.

Yes, it’s little wonder how I accumulate this folds of jiggly-mass around my waist. But I shall worry about that later. Mum’s cooking is always, irresistable!

Anyways, it’s my first time today, seeing the crowd at Orchard on X’mas eve(took bus 65 from Harbourfront just to see the Orchard spectacle). Worse than Bazaar Geylang definitely. Why, Dy predicted one would take 40 minutes to like walk from Somerset MRT to Borders, unless of course, one walks on the roadside which some people took to doing. I’m glad I WASN’T amongst the crowd. I’m not one for crowds. *shudders*

Caught Narnia today. It was cool, letting my imagination run loose for a while. It was especially fantastic to see all the centaurs, minotaurs, unicorns, cyclops, griffins. Bloody hell, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Age of Mythology once I got back home, and that’s what I’m gonna do after typing these out.

The only thing uncool about watching Narnia were kids running about in the cinema. I’m flabbergasted with some parents these days. I mean, they don’t seem to correct their children from the first mistake the child makes. Like, if the child talks too loudly in the cinema, some don’t tell him there and then that he shouldn’t be doing that. The kid will just continue to rattle on in that volume until someone else gives an annoyed “Shhh!”, and only then, will the bloody parent start to hush their child. Like, what gives?

And just now, there were also kids running up and down the aisles. I bet the mum or dad up front was watching intently, leaving other people in the back to put up with the ruckus their children made. Here’s the thing, there were 2 “mat salleh” children sitting a couple of row in front of me but my goodness, those 2 kids were so well-behaved. And our own local children, and the-NOT-so-children-YOUTHS? One teen was giving info to his friend about the creatures in Narnia, and one was telling another to pass popcorn to his friend. Yes, now we ALL know what will happen and to whom the popcorn will go to. Thank you! *rolls eyes*


Aight, be off now. Ciaoz. Oh! There’s Beetlejuice tonight. Yikes!

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Comment by Declone

December 28, 2005 @ 5:31 pm

Thanks for coming and also for the gift.. Truly appreciate it.. So sorry for not treating both of u quite well.. Well, shall make up during makan nasi minyak.. LOL… Not mine of course.. MIne is in 3 years maybe…

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